Magstim is a company that specialises in products related to brain and nerve treatment. We were recently approached by them to create a bespoke set of icons to be used on their website and marketing materials. 

The project was challenging as the icons needed to look simple but illustrated very complex and specialised fields e.g. Cognitive Neurophysiology, Psychiatry, Neuroscience. It required lots of research in order to understand the differentiating factors between each of the research fields. We were also keen to steer away from obvious solutions and create something more meaningful. 

  1.  Image found on  Wikipedia   2. Image found at  Ch 6 Measurement methods and Values  3. Image found on  Shutterstock 

1.  Image found on Wikipedia 
2. Image found at Ch 6 Measurement methods and Values
3. Image found on Shutterstock 

For the 'Research Techniques' icon (above), we looked at different ways in which EEGs and FMRIs were currently being represented. Our explorations looked at different configurations of lines and nodes to best create a simple icon that solved this problem. 


The sketches above were explorations for 'Rehabilitation', which in this context refers to recovering from a stroke. We learnt about exercises that stroke patients practice to help relearn simple tasks and rebuild muscle strength. Our concepts used the hand and ball to communicate rehabilitation while also conveying a sense of nurturing and care.


The concept behind the 'Psychiatry' icon was to use weather as a metaphor for our mood e.g. sunshine is related to happiness; rainy and cloudy related to feeling down. We used this to convey how our brain affects our mood by also gently hinting at the similarity in shape between the brain and cloud. We went through different iterations of shapes and lines to get the right balance between cloud and brain.


The final set of icons can be seen above with using Magstim's dark blue as a base and orange as a highlight colour to bring out certain elements within each icon. 

What the client said...
"Magstim recently commissioned Styles Webbin to produce a range of bespoke Neuroscience Icons for use online and in print. 
From initial consultation, through to completion of project, Bryan and the team were extremely professional and transparent in their approach. The ability to create a bespoke and fresh set of icons whilst remaining sympathetic to our overall brand style was a big plus.
I would not hesitate to recommend Bryan and the team”. – Joseph Durrant, Magstim