Wordpress Development

Would you like to have your website built into a content management system so that you can update it yourself? We work with the award-winning, intuitive and robust Wordpress CMS which is very easy to use.


We use Wordpress

WordPress is a CMS (Content management System) that we use to create our clients websites. Wordpress was released in 2003 and is an open-source software with over 60 million users, there is no shortage of support and helpful forums online. Wordpress uses plugins and themes which can be built-on and coded to transform sites into interactive, content-rich websites. Seeing as it’s open-source there are no up-front fees or ongoing licence costs for the client.

Benefits of Wordpress

Wordpress was originally designed for bloggers but has since morphed into a platform for building visually rich websites. It’s incredibly responsive and ideally suited to producing/posting regularly updated information. Importantly, its user-friendly interface allows our non-technically trained clients to update the website simply and efficiently. Users can add content via a simple Word style editor in a web browser (no software to install) and the admin system even works well on mobile devices.


WordPress is the most popular open source Content Management System (CMS) used in over 73 million websites