Websites For Startups

 We are proud to work with startups and help them to get off the ground. After working with several startups we have gained an understanding of crafting the right visuals and user experience of your website.


Why design is crucial for startups

Design is a crucial part of a startup, and something that should be core to the new product/service. Your startup website needs to really stand out because there may be many similar things already launched or in beta. By bringing in a designer’s perspective you can start to think about your product in a more useful way that actually contributes to the flow of running a startup. Often startups believe that they can skip out on UX or design, figuring that it will come much later in their process and that having a template website will be enough to impress investors, this is not the case. Read our blog post Why We Wireframe for more information on our planning process.

What makes a great startup website?

Here are some tips that we’ve learned over the years that can really help boost both the visuals and user experience of your website. Our top tip is to keep it simple! it’s best to under-design than over-design. Know your target audience, you’ve done the research so you know who they are, where they hang out online, what they purchase, so feed this knowledge into the website design. Your navigation should be easily accessible, especially if you have long pages on your website, make sure the key user journeys are clearly defined on the homepage. Read our blog post 5 steps to a better website for more information on creating a great website.


Startups we have worked with