We share our workspace – it's just off the Old Street roundabout in London. In our time in this office, we've discovered loads of things to love about it. Having a London address – at the heart of the city's tech scene – obviously helps. There's much more to it than that, though.

Being social
Being based in an office occupied by several companies means you mingle with people you might not otherwise meet. This is especially true if you share space with groups who work in a totally different industry. Our space is home to interior designers, marketers,  visual storytellers and web developers. And us, of course. With so much knowledge in the building, it's hard to be uninspired.

There's plenty of space...
As a team of just a few in an office of many, we appreciate the added space. The walkways between desks, cupboards and drawers, and the communal areas. There's even a bike rack – you'd be surprised how many people here pedal into work. On our own, we wouldn't necessarily need all that room, but it's nice to have it.

...and it's easier to get more
When we do need more room, it's simple to find. Shared space is easier to scale up as you need it. Getting an extra desk for a new team member doesn't involve packing up and moving to another building.

Everything's in one place
Offices which are shared tend to have either more or better facilities. Things like bigger toilets and kitchens, a better printer/scanner, more stationery – the important stuff. We've also got a strangely therapeutic darts board. It's not the first thing you'd think of to furnish an office, but we don't know how we'd manage without it.

Even the building's creative
Our workspace is called The Brew located on City Road in London. Appropriate for a place where so many ideas bubble up every day. The walls are covered in things to spark your imagination, too. It's inside the Eagle building, which you can spot from the massive black bird sculpture at the top. 

A coffee shop to call our own
Ever heard of Papilles? We see this lot every day, as the café's inside our building. It offers a tasty mix of British and French food, including 'Frapas'... which is delicious French tapas and not them hacking our Facebook accounts.

Food for thought
A drink or a bite to eat is something we rarely say no to, and we get asked a lot. We've written before about how much we like to be sociable at lunch. The more, the merrier! Fridays are when we all go over our week over something delicious. And at Christmas, we celebrate together.

Stop by for a chat sometime. You are more than welcome.