Sometimes we write about our work, sometimes we write about events and courses that we attend. This month's blog post is a bit tangential, but we're going to talk about the importance of lunch in the creative process. 

As designers, we spend our energy crafting the big picture and obsessing over small details. We also spend a lot of time in front of screens. While we're passionate about what we do, sustaining a high level of focus is very consuming and intensive. Even the most creative genius need to regular breaks. 

We've been quite adamant about establishing a studio culture where it's normal to take lunch breaks away from our desk – whether it be taking a walk to Whitecross market or sitting on the grass behind the church. It allows us to gather our thoughts and come back to our work with fresh eyes. It's also quite important for us as a company as we work in a basement and have no access to natural sunlight. Coming back after a break meant that we could be more attentive and vigilant about these details.

There is also a great social aspect to lunch that allows us to meet and talk to bond with each other as well as others outside the team. We like to try out new places around Shoreditch or sit at the office communal table and chat to other companies in our vicinity. Building trust and openness allows us to be able to communicate confidently and honestly with each other, in and out of work. It is so important as critiquing each other's work is a huge part of the creative process. 

Lunch also gives you a mini-deadline to work towards. We feel more motivated working towards a small goal within a small timeframe instead of endlessly moving pixels around. It makes the workload more manageable. 

We just find that this makes us better designers. 

On that note, here are some of our favourite lunch places in Shoreditch:

Ruby's for killer pasta
The cheap Indian place in the off-license next to Itsu
Grab for their Panang curry and prawn crackers
On the Bab for Korean burgers