Websites For Education

We have vast experience within the education sector and have built a strong portfolio of clients in this field. Education is a rewarding sector that we enjoy communicating via digital media.


Why design a new website?

Your current website may have some problems. Is updating your website is too difficult and time consuming? Your site may have become outdated and unloved. Sometimes key information is buried thanks to an old structure that no longer suits your new curriculum. Whatever the reasons, a website redesign could solve all of these issues and more. We make the whole process simple, from migrating over all your current content into a new design to training you on the new CMS giving you complete control of your new website.

Making a great educational website

Here are some tips that We’ve learned over the years that can really help boost both the visuals and user experience of your website. You know your institution and how you want to be portrayed, what students want to study, what academics want to experience, so feed this knowledge into the website design. Your navigation should be easily accessible, especially if you have text heavy pages on your site, make sure the course information is clearly defined on the homepage. Parents will want essential information but teachers may need a portal to share ideas.


Education organisations we have worked with